The man and I have blocked Wednesday evenings as date night in our calenders. What to say? If we actually remember, we usually stay on the couch the entire evening. Isn’t it ridiculous how uninspired we are – while living in a city with feelingwise endless opportunities? So I did some research to collect the cutest and greenest date ideas for Hamburg.

Date ideas in Hamburg for an entire year

12 months, 12 dates. With most of them it doesn’t matter for how long you already know each other. Nor who you take on this date. It can be your bestie, your sibling or even yourself.

January: Vegan coffee date

The man and I met in Sweden, which means that to us the word fika almost equals date. A random cute coffee place with some good coffee and a nice piece of cake, talking endlessly and watching people – that’s all it takes to make us happy. So why not do all that, but then vegan? For example, at SOUL (Eppendorf), CafĂ© Nasch (GĂ€ngeviertel), Kjeks (Schanze and Ottensen) or at Zero Waste CafĂ© In guter Gesellschaft (Sternstraße).

Café Nasch

February: Brunch box by The Special Connection

It wasn’t easy to find a suitable date idea for February because Hamburg in February is usually anything but cozy. It’s gray and chance of rain is like 101%. Who would wanna set even one foot outside the house? Luckily, we don’t need to. The Special Connection at Fischmarkt delivers cheesy, vegan and gluten-free brunch boxes right to your doorsteps. What could be more cozy than breakfast in bed?

March: Movie date at filmRaum

They do have those typical old school, red cinema chairs, but this is not your normal cinema. Just 40 people fit in the small showroom of filmRaum. In a cozy living room atmosphere we watch movies and documentaries from independent producer that won’t screen in the big theaters. In OV with German subtitles! While watching we sip wine from real glass glasses and nibble on small delicacies from the bar.

April: Hanseatic Help

To me nothing is more valuable than time spent together. And wouldn’t it be nice if this together was also valuable for other people? Hanseatic Help is always looking for helping hands to help with sorting. Either in the storage where they sort the donations or in one of the three Hanseatic Help Stores. The great thing is that you can easily register to help. You can find information about this here.

May: Go GreenKayaking

Love is in the air – and lot’s of garbage in the Alster. If you like to be active together, then waste fishing might be your thing. From May till September you can borrow a GreenKayak for free. Only condition: Clean up while paddling.

Active idea for a date in Hamburg: GreenKayak

June: Watching sunset over the Elbe

Line 62 is not only the cheaper, but as well the more romantic alternative to the harbor cruise. Pack a picnic basket, buy a HVV group ticket and get to LandungsbrĂŒcken. There you board a ferry to Finkenwerder. We sail past the most beautiful sights in Hamburg towards the sunset. After a short (or longer) stay in Finkenwerder, the ferry takes you back past the now illuminated windows of the Elbe shore. So beautiful!

Sustainable date idea: Sunset over the Elbe on board Line 62 to Hamburg-Finkenwerder
Sunset over the Elbe

The right timing is key. To experience the sunset over the Elbe, you have to take a ferry which leaves about half an hour before sunset. Here you can check when the sun sets today – and here the departure times of line 62.

July: Hot summer nights at Karo Beach

With your feet in the warm sand sipping on a cocktail you look deep into each other’s eyes. We don’t have to go to Zanzibar for that. We can get that same feeling in Hamburg’s only zero waste beach bar. With a view of the Bunker St. Pauli, you can not only listen to each other for hours, but also regularly to live music.

August: Everything is pink in the Fischbeker Heide

When the heather blooms from mid-August to mid-September, we all walk around with rose-colored glasses. To the man and me, the heath is a very special place. He grew up in a town on the edge of the Veluwe, the largest heath area in the Netherlands. That’s why a trip to the heath is always a bit like coming home. But we didn’t realize until recently that we have the heath practically on our doorstep. Take the S-Bahn line 3 to Neugraben. Then hop on bus 250 to the end station.

In love with Hamburg 12 ideas for a green date - Greenschnack - Fischbeker Heide - Greenschnack
The pink heath in August

September: Tour in Silence

Sometimes, we have nothing to say to each other – so we just enjoy the silence. I love him for being able to be quiet without it getting awkward. Do you understand each other without words? On the Tour in Silence organized by Dialoghaus Hamburg, you experience the world like people who hear little or nothing.

October: (G)in love at Drilling

For all gin lovers still looking for a bar for their next date: Drilling is the right place for you. Tonics and cocktails with homemade gin served in the stylish but cozy atmosphere of the old marzipan factory. Nowhere else in Germany can you get refined juniper straight from the distillery.

November: Getting in the mood at the Erotic Art Museum

My perfect date would be a visit to an art museum. You do something together, have enough things to talk about, and learn something about the taste of your date. But it’s also completely ok not to say anything for some time. And who says that museums are by definition a dry affair? The exposition at the Erotic Art Museum will certainly get even the biggest art grouches in the mood 😏

December: Christmas market at Apostelkirche

I’m not even trying to suggest anything other than a Christmas market. Our favorite in the Greenschnack team is the small but cozy Christmas market at the Apostelkirche. We love to greenschnack around the campfire. There is something for all taste buds (whether vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free) and the stalls offer sustainably and fairly produced products.

With love from Hamburg

The man and I probably no longer have any excuses to spend our data nights on the couch. I hope that I could inspire you, too.

Feel free to tell us if you have tried one of my ideas, or comment your favorite place in Hamburg for the perfect date!