Green|schnack ([grinˈʃnak], noun, regional, Northern Germany):

a good chat between friends with the goal of making the world a little greener

Who are the Greenschnackers?

✍️ Alea Sophie

Freelancing online marketing manager who loves houseplants a little too much. Since my boyfriend and I traveled the world in 2018/19, I see the world through different eyes. I blog about my travel experiences on my blog A Highwaygirl.

My hood Bahrenfeld
Stuff I care about minimalism, travel with positive impact, sustainable entrepreneurship
You’re allowed to wake me up for ice cream & videos of penguins
I have a weakness for true crime podcasts

✍️ Katrin

I often contemplate about the background of things and love to discuss my thoughts with others. In the past you could find me at the opera. Now you’ll see me wearing a safety helmet on construction sites. I should spend more time outdoors.

My hood Langenhorn
Stuff I care about nature protection, mobility in the city, sufficiency, regionality
You can always wake me for a forest walk & italo western
I have a weakness for Puccini, fantasy & pathos in general

✍️ Lena

Outdoor fitness trainer with a background in law. I have a wide range of interests, which I pursue with a lot of enthusiasm and persistence.

My hood Altona-Nord
Stuff I care about families, start-ups, sustainable fabrics, cradle to cradle, DYI, sports, networking

You can always wake me for an orc attack
I have a weakness for all kinds of games

📸 Leni

Family-kind of person who’d love to spend all her free time in the mountains or behind a camera. Nothing is more valuable to me than spending evenings with my favorite people, good food, long talks and so much laughing it makes my belly ache.

My hood Farmsen-Berne
Stuff I care about traveling, minimalist, sustainability & Hamburg’s non-profit organizations
You can always wake me for I can literally hear the grass grow, so chances are high I’m already awake.
I have a weakness for lava cake

✍️ Michael

Jurist, passionate hobby chef, culturally and socially active, world citizen. What is important to me I share with others.

My hood Winterhude
Stuff I care about fairness, human rights, traveling, clean, fair & sustainable food, indulgence
You can always wake me for Maultaschen (filled pasta from the southwest of Germany, a bit like ravioli), feeding the cats
I have a weakness for champagne